Annals of Nuclear Medicine Vol.1 No.1 1987

Original Articles

Noninvasive quantification of regional myocardial blood flow and ammonia extraction fraction using Nitrogen-13 ammonia and positron emission tomography
Masahiro ENDO, et al. 1
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Evolutionary changes in left and right ventricular function in acute myocardial infarction
Fumitaka OHSUZU, et al. 7
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Measurements of serum-free thyroid hormone concentrations by ultrafiltration a comparison with equilibrium dialysis and mathematical calculation
Norimichi KONNO, et al. 15
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Evaluation of diffusely high uptake by the calvaria in bone scintigraphy
Kohei SENDA, et al. 23
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The complementary role of Indium-111 labeled leukocyte imaging, ultrasonography and computed tomography in the evaluation of postoperative infection or abscess
Kimiichi UNO, et al. 27.
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Intravascular survival of leukemic cells labeled with Indium-111-0xine
Tatsumi UCHIDA, et al. 33
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Case Report

Small hepatocellular carcinoma visualized with Technetium-99m(Sn)-N-pyridoxyl-5-methyltryptophan
Isamu NARABAYASHI, et al. 39
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Iodine-123 IMP SPECT before and after bypass surgery in a patient with occlusion of left anterior and middle cerebral arteries with basal abnormal telangiectasis (unilateral Moyamoya disease)
Yuki KAIZU, et al. 43
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Scintigraphic assessment of double-chambered right ventricle
Tsunehiko NISHIMURA, et al. 47
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Technical Notes

Metabolism of 2-deoxy-2-[18F] fluoro-D-glucose : Presence of 2-deoxy-2-[18F] fluoro-D-glucose 6-phosphate in plasma of mice, rats and humans
Kiichi ISHIWATA, et al. 51
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