Annals of Nuclear Medicine Vol.17 No.5 2003


Pathophysiology and diagnosis of hibernating myocardium in patients with post-ischemic heart failure: the contribution of PET
Paolo G. CAMlA, et al. 341
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Original Articles

Diagnosis of thyroid lymphoma and follow-up evaluation using Ga-67 scintigraphy
Yoshihiro NISHIYAMA, et al. 351
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Combined TI-201 and Ga-67 brain SPECT in patients with suspected central nervous system
lymphoma or germinoma: Clinical and economic value
Shigeru KOSUDA, et al. 359
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Thallium-201 SPECT in advanced non-small cell lung cancer:
In relation with chemotherapeutic response, survival, distant metastasis and p53 status
Tevfik Fikret CERMIK, et al. 369
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Counting efficiency of a double-well single-plastic scintillation counter to commercially available radionuclides
(Tl-201, Tc-99m, I-123, Ga-67, In-111 and I-131)
Kazuo ITOH, et al. 375
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Changes in human cerebral blood flow and myocardial blood flow during mental stress measured by dual positron emission tomography
Hiroshi ITO, et al. 381
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Extraosseous accumulation of bone scanning agents in malignant brain tumors:
Comparison to semi-quantitative evaluation with Tc-99m SPECT/TI-201 SPECT and histological findings
Aya SUZUKI, et al. 387
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Enhanced regional washout of technetium-99m-sestamibi in patients with coronary spastic angina
Souichi ONO, et al. 393
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Case Report

Abdominal wall hematomata and colonic tumor detected on labeled red blood cell scintigraphy: case report
S. ANGELIDES, et al. 399
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High [F-18] 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) uptake of adrenocortical adenoma showing subclinical Cushing’s syndrome
Akiko SHIMIZU, et al. 403
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Intense uptake of [F-18]-fluoro-2 deoxy-D-glucose in active pulmonary tuberculosis
Che-Ming YANG, et al. 407
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Osteoblastoma as a cause of osteomalacia assessed by bone scan
Kyung Ah CHUN, et al. 411
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Diagnosis of orotracheal aspiration using radionuclide salivagram
Ali T. AKBUNAR, et al. 415
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Short Communication

Evaluation of ammonia metabolism in the skeletal muscles of patients with cirrhosis using N-13 ammonia PET
Shuhei NISHIGUCHI, et al. 417
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Technic Notes

Optimal scan time for evaluating pancreatic disease with positron emission tomography
using F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose
Yuji NAKAMOTO, et al. 421
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