Joint FMU-ICRP Workshop on Radiological Protection in Medicine

Fukushima Medical University
Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Organized by Fukushima Medical University and the International Commission on Radiological Protection with support from the Nippon Foundation

Fukushima Medical University is under development of radiopharmaceuticals for targeted α- particle therapy. Radionuclide therapy combines therapeutic effect of radiation with the targeting capability of molecular therapies and is increasingly being utilised as the result of ongoing development of novel radionuclides and tracer molecules. ICRP Task Group 101 has been working on Radiological Protection in Therapy with Radiopharmaceuticals for providing recommendations related to radiological protection of patients and staff as well as of public. It is important to alert the medical community of optimising therapeutic use and protection required for radiopharmaceuticals, particularly for new treatment procedure such as targeted α-particle therapy. This joint workshop provides an opportunity to exchange information between FMU and ICRP on the advanced scientific findings for the protection of people from the risks of radiation.

FMU and ICRP welcome this opportunity to share information on radiation protection in medicine including radionuclide therapy with ICRP Task Group 101 members and medical community.

Room number 1, the 2nd floor of Bldg. 7, Fukushima Medical University

Attendance at the symposium is free of charge. However, advance registration is required as attendance is limited to 100 participants. Please send your name, affiliation, and e-mail address to Haruyuki Ogino (ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretary) at by 22 September 2017.

Program and Abstracts

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