TitleA Proposal of Program for Processing Scintigrams - Smoothing, Separating, Character Selecting and Display -
AuthorsHiroshi YASUKOCHI*,*1, Kikuo MACHIDA, Motoo OHSHIMA**, Tadashi SUGAWARA***, Fusaji KUMURA****
Organization*1Department of Radiology (Director Associate Professor) University Branch Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, *City hospital Constracting Bureau, **Department of Radiology, Nagoya University, school of medicine, ***Associate Professor of Radiology, Jichi Medical College. , ****Staff Physician, Cancer Mass Survey Center, Tokyo Metropolitan.
JournalThe Japanese Journal of nuclear medicine
ArticleOriginal article
AbstractThe processing and the analyzing of scintigrams by computer have been widely used especially in the case of scintillation camera. We have also started these projects for ten years in the treatment of scintigrams by scanner and reported at other places. In this report we demonstrate a program for the treatment of scintigrams by scanner. In this program to avoid the unnecessary economical risks, any non-routine procedures are eliminated from the program. Scintigram data from scintiscanner (Toshiba3") were punched in a paper tape by every 5mm intervals and set in a tape reader which is connected by telephone line to TOSBAC-40-TSS in Tokyo University Hospital 4 km apart from our department. The data were treated by the computer under the control of terminal input/output typerwriter which was set in our department and the result was returned to our department through the same input / output typewriter by telephone line and the processed scintigrams were printed out. The program is usually performed as demonstrated in figure 1. They are initial load, smoothing, selecting character, separating and display. Histograms for number of area in each count level are also printed out before and after smoothing and separating as occasion demand. In addition, any procedures could be passed or returned to any part according to the purpose. The digital scintigram is printed out after all procedures with selected characters for each level, which are composed of one or two superimposed ones.
PracticeClinical medicine