Job/Training in Japan

To whom concern:

Mr. Md Nor Bin Mohamad (,
Biomedical Unit, Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia
is looking for a short course on-job training (2-3 weeks) on Nuclear Medicine Technical Training in Japan.

He would like to learn, the setup of a cancer centre; specialized equipments deployed for diagnostic and treatment on cancer patient, and support facilities such as nuclear waste treatment, specialized wad etc. He also wants to visit cancer center.

He came to Japan in 1997 for two month attending a course on International Data Comm. by KDD and being sponsored by JICA. Later he moved to MOH Malaysia. Since then he has been looking for Healthcare Engineering course thro JICA training program but found none.
Presently he has been offered by MOH Malaysia for this on-job training for a short stint. Basically, like the previous visit, the agency (JICA) will arrange for accommodation and together with KDD scheduled visit together with presentation at IDC operation centers. Similarly, he hopes the agency will arrange for accommodation, travel and fixed the schedule for visit/presentation at relevant cancer center. The only dissimilarity is that sponsorship by MOH Malaysia itself and not JICA.

(this announcement was modified by the permission of Mr. Md Nor Bin Mohamad)